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Hi! I’m Ashutosh Singh

Experienced Full Stack Software Engineer

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About me

About Me

10+ years of exp in as a full stack developer with skills in designing and building products from scratch.

I am passionate about learning and writing code. My motto is write fast, make it readable and build it correct.

In addition, I love reading on random topics, browsing the web, vlogging, nature and trekking, and playing CS.

Skills & abilities

Web Accessibility
JS / ES6 / TypeScript
React / Redux / jQuery / Knockout
.NET / Web API / MVC
AWS / Azure / Docker / Heroku
SQL / MS SQL Server
MongoDB / Redis
Bootstrap / Office UI Fabric
Web app optimization
Mobile First Development
Test driven development
Agile development
Static code analysis
Git / Azure DevOps

My Specialities

Web Applications

Modern, Repsonsive web application development with a focus on feature addition and optimization

Full stack development

Love writing JavaScript and services. Can build entire stack from scratch.Can work individually and in teams.

Education & jobs

Aug 2007 - June 2011 Bachelors in Computer Engineering University of Mumbai
Dec 2011 - Jul 2012 Certification in Software Engineering CMC Ltd, Mumbai
Aug 2012 - Oct 2014 Worked on JS primarily Paramatrix Technologies, Mumbai
Oct 2014 - Jul 2015 Worked on .NET and KnockoutJS primarily Rolta India, Mumbai
Aug 2015 - Jul 2016 Worked on code architecture and debugging applications CitiusTech, Navi Mumbai
Aug 2016 Started MS in Software Engineering San Jose State University, US
June 2017 Worked on REST APIS, chatbots and Workday Integrations Icertis, San Jose, US
May 2018 Graduated with MS in Software Engineering San Jose State University, CA, US
June 2018 Internships San Jose , CA, US
Dec 2018 Worked on Teams applications and building chatbot Redmond, WA, US
May 2019 Working on Office 365 Redmond, WA, US
Jan 2020 Working on internal MS tools Redmond, WA, US
Mar 2023 Working on internal Applied Materials tools Santa Clara, CA, US

Languages / Tools

C# / JavaScript
React / Redux / TypeScript / Webpack / jQuery
Azure / Docker
Chrome Dev Tools / Lighthouse / Npm

Hobbies & Interests

  • Reading
  • History
  • Travel

10+ years of experience

Enjoy the opinions of managers and co-workers!
Ashutosh led a vendor team of 4 people to work on a challenging web project, reporting directly to me. The project was to build a web SDK in React with both front-end and back-end components. His excellent work not only contributed tremendously to the success of the project, but also helped me offload some of my responsibilities. He would be a great asset in any organization.
J.P. Zhang Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft
Ashutosh is a great co worker to work with. Help other people in the team when they are struck. Takes full ownership of work that he is working. Always thinks future before writing code. Always follows best practices.
Srinivas Naidu Kondisetty Team Lead at TechMahindra
Ashutosh is an extremely enthusiastic and motivated developer, who is passionate about technology and is always up-to-date with the latest trends. He picks up new technology easily and is very good at training others how to use it. It was always a pleasure to work with him as he is friendly, helpful, charismatic and always wears a smile. I would recommend Ashutosh to anyone and everyone.
Ravindarreddy Umentala Tech Lead at CitiusTech
1. Hardworking and sincere 2. Extremely reliable and most of the critical tasks in the project were executed by Ashutosh 3. Technically a strong individual and always helping his team Would like to work with him again in future.
Lalit Singh AVP at CitiusTech
Ashutosh was highly valued team member while I acted as onsite team lead for couple of assignments for a US client. I found him very hard working and technically sound and a great team player. He is a quick learner and at the same time outperforming with his existing skills. Wish him all the best for his future assignments!!
Zahirabbas Rupani Technical Specialist - CSM
Ashutosh is a focused and committed individual. He ensures that the deadlines are never missed and quality is not compromised. He is an excellent team player, and understands the client business problems quite well.
Prasun Datta Executive Manager, Rolta
Ashutosh is very dedicated and hard working person with very good technical skills. He has helped other colleagues in office, showing his sincerity and generosity.
Vineet Singh Tech Lead, CitiusTech
Ashutosh has a very good capability of resolving all critical issues faced by the team of 10 developers. He has always kept work on priority and ensured successful completion with dedication. he is technically very sound and an excellent team player. I wish him good luck
Shyam Saraf Tech Lead, L&T Infotech

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